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Following graduation from Prague's CTU (Czech Technical University), Andrea Fišarová studied at the city's AAAD (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design) in the Concept – Object – Meaning studio. It was for her bachelor's thesis (Fišer, Nezpěváková studio, CTU) here that the designer created the predecessor to her much lauded 'Bertram' mirror series. Alongside other home accessories and larger pieces of furniture, all featuring Fišarová's characteristic clean lines.

• 2016–2017 AAAD, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Concept – Object – Meaning, Prague
• 2012–2015 CTU, Czech Technical University, Industrial Design, Prague

• 2018 selected by Wallpaper Store, Designblok 2018, Prague
• 2018 selected by Mint Gallery, Spring exhibition, London
• 2012 nomination Olověný Dušan award, CTU, Prague

Product portfolio available at:
• Artiséme, Prague: https://www.instagram.com/by.artiseme/
• Art Design Project, Bratislava: http://www.artdesignproject.sk/
• Wallpaper Store, Milan: https://store.wallpaper.com/en/designer/andrea%C2%A0fi%C5%A1arova/
• Mint Shop, London: http://www.mintshop.co.uk/exhibition/rock-paper-salt-air-2018/